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Access to More Doctors, More Choice

Each year, thousands of North Carolinians are denied a choice on eye care. Other states have expanded access to vital procedures by giving patients a choice
between Doctors of Optometry or Doctors of Ophthalmology. In North Carolina, patients don’t get that choice.

House Bill 36: The Facts

Access to more doctors. House Bill 36 would increase the number of doctors who can perform simple, but vital, laser procedures. In many counties, the current limited choice can mean long drives to visit a new doctor. Everywhere else, it can mean unnecessary wait times and expenses for routine care. It is time to get past the fights about who controls the access. It’s time to focus on the patient. North Carolinians should have the right to choose their eye care providers. That’s why legislators should vote YES on House Bill 36.

Puts Patients in Control. There is no wrong choice for patients. Trained and certified Doctors of Optometry have safely performed these simple laser procedures 33,000 times in other states. Some patients in those states still choose ophthalmologists (eye surgeons). It is all about the needs of the individual patient.

Why Support HB 36?

  • Replicates the success of other states, allowing trained and certified Doctors of Optometry to perform limited laser procedures
  • Brings new health care options to 40 mostly rural counties
  • Protects patient safety – More than 33,000 procedures performed by Doctors of Optometry in other states

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Access to Eye Care is Your Right